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Shenol Hair offers Kashmir treatment by the Kashmir Keratin Hair System Laboratories. This treatment makes use of amino acids that can penetrate the hair better than any other natural substances. This allows it to strengthen hair from roots to tips.

The Kashmir treatment advantage can be best enjoyed by using all of the Kashmir Keratin Hair System products. Each application allows for stronger and revitalised hair.

The Kashmir treatment is made up of some sulphate and paraben-free formulas especially made to repair damaged hair. The unique formulation of the Kashmir Keratin hair care product line makes it effective against dandruff, unhealthy dry hair, and excess oil in the scalp and head. This allows your hair to grow healthier and stronger.

Hair extensions are one of the simplest ways to add length and thickness to one's hair. At Shenol Hair we elevate your hair extension experience to new heights. The moment you enter our doors you will notice the warmth of our service. We balance that out with expertise and experience in applying London's very finest hair extensions.

Our hair extensions offer you flowing hair that provides the right kind of movement and natural looking hair color that can enhance your look dramatically.

We excel in service and expertise and we give utmost importance in using only the highest quality of hair extensions. The style and look that you want to achieve will be yours in a just a couple of hours. This is a testament of our commitment to our business' primary purpose - to make you look good and feel good.